Special Events

Holocaust Remembrance Day Lecture with RUTH MERMELSTEIN

Tuesday, May 3 - 7 PM
Merrick Golf Course Clubhouse, Clubhouse Road, Merrick

In 1929, Ruth Mermelstein was born in Transylvania, in northern Romania as the second oldest of Blanka Davidovitz and Moritz Genuth’s six children. In 1940, Transylvania fell under the domain of Hungary, an ally of Germany, leading to the imposition of new racial laws and mandates, stripping Jews of their civil rights. Ruth’s father and other Jewish men were sent into forced labor along the Russian border. When the German SS determined these laborers were no longer useful, hundreds of men were locked in a building that was set on fire, many perished, but Ruth’s father mercifully escaped and made his way home. During the Second World War, Ruth’s family was forced into a ghetto, until they were relocated to Auschwitz. The only family members to survive were Ruth and her sister, who worked as slave laborers, before being relocated to work in an ammunition factory. With Russian troops advancing on her town, Ruth was forced to begin a five-week death march to Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp. In April of 1945 Ruth was liberated by British troops. While suffering from tuberculosis, Ruth and her sister were transported to Sweden under the care of the Red Cross. While living in Sweden, Ruth met her future husband, a fellow Holocaust survivor. The couple eventually married and moved to the United States, where they are currently Town of Hempstead residents.