Puppy Love for Rescued Pet: Dog Saved by Town's Shelter Gives Birth to Four Healthy Pups

Two weeks after 17 neglected cocker spaniels were rescued from a barricaded and unkempt Rockville Centre home, a pregnant dog that was among the group of canine refugees delivered four puppies with the assistance of Dr. Dominic Marino of Long Island Veterinary Specialists and Animal Emergency and Critical Care Center in Plainview. Mama, the proud new mother, was transported by the Hempstead Town Animal Shelter staff to Long Island Veterinary Specialists in the wake of the rescue, and Dr. Marino offered his services to care for the pregnant animal and help deliver her puppies.

"Dr. Marino was a guardian angel to this wonderful pet," Supervisor Kate Murray said. "Thanks to his assistance, a dog that was weak and malnourished when she was found is now healthy and has brought four new lives into the world."

On January 12th, Hempstead Town Animal Control Officers were called to a Rockville Centre home to rescue 17 severely neglected dogs. Beckoned by village police, employees of the town shelter were shocked to discover the live, but profoundly neglected dogs as well as five dead animals. The dogs were transported to the town's animal shelter where they received medical attention and thorough cleaning and grooming. Mama was taken to the Long Island Veterinary Specialists to receive emergency medical care. She was put on IV support and kept in a relaxed and comfortable environment to facilitate the birthing process.

"We are so pleased that out of a terrible situation, four thriving puppies were brought to life," Murray said. "Mama lived through a harrowing experience, but thanks to humanitarians like Dr. Marino and the staff of the Hempstead Town Animal Shelter, she is happy and healthy with her new litter."

Both the mother and her pups are doing very well. After they are weaned in about six to eight weeks, the cocker spaniel puppies will be available for adoption through the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter.