Water Providers Thirst for Title, Seniors Select Winner in ‘Fountain of Youth’ Taste Test

Under the banner "Water Is Our Fountain of Youth," golden agers from the Franklin Square Senior Center tasted samples from select Nassau County water providers competing for the coveted title as Long Island’s Best Water.

"We chose seasoned water drinkers with a thirst for competition to sample the competing waters and make an astute choice for the Island’s finest," commented Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray. "Long Island’s water providers offer a pure and healthy product that makes seniors and all water drinkers feel ‘forever young!’"

The Long Island Water Conference is sponsoring the 27th Annual Best Tasting Contest to showcase the quality of the region’s drinking water. Along with a handsome trophy and bragging rights for the coming year, the winning entry will be hailed as Long Island’s Best Water.

Created in 1951, the Long Island Water Conference is comprised of major water suppliers from both the public and private sectors. The stated goal of the LIWC is to provide a pure and plentiful water supply. Members of the Long Island Water Conference oversee 1,000 wells that provide over 375 million gallons of water a day.

"Long Island’s drinking water is among the healthiest and tastiest in the nation and the LIWC is responsible for upholding our reputation," added Supervisor Murray. "The Long Island Water Conference is also dedicated to the preservation of our water supply for future generations. Educational and conservation programs have been introduced to inspire Long Islanders to protect our treasured water systems for years to come."

"The Long Island Water Conference applauds the support of Hempstead Town and we appreciate the cooperation of the Franklin Square Senior Center," remarked Frank Koch, Chairman of the LIWC. "Long Island’s water supply is a treasured resource and the LIWC remains committed to providing pure and plentiful water for all residents to enjoy.