Hempstead Town Stations Clothing Bins at Town Hall, Area Locations to Assist Residents in Hurricane-Relief Efforts

Coming to the aid of residents devastated by Hurricane Sandy, Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray announced that the town will begin a collection drive of coats, clothing, blankets and other essential supplies. These items will be donated to the struggling victims of Hurricane Sandy, many of whom have been displaced and left with a shortage of resources in the wake of the powerful hurricane.

Commencing on Monday, November 5, 2012, collection bins are located at Hempstead Town Hall (1 Washington Street, Hempstead), Echo Park (399 Nassau Boulevard, West Hempstead) and Levittown Hall (201 Levittown Parkway, Hicksville).

“Hurricane Sandy left destruction in its path as strong winds and powerful storm surge tore through Hempstead Town with intensity not seen in over 100 years,” stated Murray. “Today, we are calling on all residents to give whatever they can to the hurricane relief efforts. We need coats, clothing, blankets and many other important supplies.”

In addition to warm clothing and blankets, the town is collecting necessities including bottled water, non-perishable food, hand sanitizer, toiletries, flashlights and batteries, portable battery-operated radios, cleaning supplies and rubber gloves.

The Town of Hempstead also has been responding to the crisis by helping to distribute food and water to residents, clearing trees that have fallen into roadways, and making additional pickups of garbage and storm debris. The town has also waived building permit fees for residents making storm-related repairs to their homes. Finally, Supervisor Murray and Receiver of Taxes Donald Clavin have called on Governor Andrew Cuomo to authorize an extension of the November 13th school property tax deadline; the governor has indicated that his office is receptive to the idea.

“We understand that these are difficult times for all Long Islanders, but even the smallest contributions can have an enormous impact on the life of a fellow neighbor whose life has been turned upside down by Hurricane Sandy,” concluded Murray.