Cleaning Up Flood Damage: Southern Baptist Disaster Team & Hempstead Town Present Free “How To” Seminar For Homeowners and Volunteers

In an effort to assist homeowners in the challenging task of restoring their homes that were flooded by Hurricane Sandy, Hempstead Town and the Island Park Union Free School District will host an informative seminar, “Recovering from Flood Damage,” to be presented by Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief. The seminar will take place at the Lincoln Orens Middle School at 150 Trafalgar Boulevard, Island Park on Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 7 PM.

“The Southern Baptist Disaster Team has graciously come to Long Island to lend their extensive experience in disaster recovery to our residents whose homes have been severely damaged by the storm,” said Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray. “As the number of homes that urgently require remediation is beyond this team’s capacity, the free one and one-half hour seminar will provide homeowners with essential knowledge of sanitizing procedures, safety practices and rules for removal of contaminated wallboard, flooring and other building materials in flooded homes.”

According to Michael Flannery, BCNY State Disaster Relief Director, “Homes that have been flooded may easily become a health hazard if interior walls and floors that have taken on water are not immediately removed and sanitized properly. Each situation must be individually assessed, and safety must always be a primary concern during the cleanup process.” 

The presentation will also detail necessary materials and equipment for the cleanup process. Information offered at this seminar will also be beneficial to volunteer groups who are willing to assist the thousands of residents in need. Before going into the field to undertake cleanups, all civic, student and church volunteers are encouraged to attend this informative presentation.   

“Using our guidelines, homeowners and volunteers can do the cleanup process correctly and safely the first time,” said Flannery. “We can educate residents so they do not make costly mistakes in restoring their homes from this disaster.”

“I am very pleased to host this seminar and encourage anyone who is about to undertake a property cleanup to attend,” concluded Murray.  “I want to thank Dr. Rosmarie Bovino, Superintendent of the lsland Park Union Free School District and Michael Flannery of the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Team for making this seminar possible.”   

Space is limited, and the seminar will serve residents on a first come, first served basis.